North America Tour 2013

This band from Vienna, Austria has been makin’ noise all over Europe and Russia since 2003. Chilli is a strong and edgy female vocalist/songwriter, the Baracudas are tight, tight, tight! Together they are equally compelling, whether in-your-face with their own full speed  authentic Rockabilly originals like “Dab It Off” (written by Chilli), or swooning thru a fluid blues tinged cover of Charlie Rich's country classic “Midnight Blues”, or 50’s rockers like "That’s All Right”.   
Their debut album, "Female Casanova", appeared in 2009. This band is fantastic authentic rockin’ Rockabilly, and blues tinged Americana ...
straight from Vienna, the home of  “the Waltz King” Johann Strauss!

Female Casanova
Dab It Off
Midnight Blues
Be Polite
Twinkle Toes & Mystified
I Dig You Lovin
Early In The Morning
Alright Baby
Folsum Prison Blues

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