Tunnell International a Tonnelier Group company.

The Tonnelier Group. was founded in 2003. Tunnell International was founded 1979. TEV MEDIA 1 was founded 1995.

Tonnelier LTD was organized in Los Angeles in 2003 by Don Tunnell and Suzette Albers-Tunnell.
The company was founded to manage the group of companies (Tunnell International, TEV Media1, and to offer Marketing and Public Relations for various types of clients. Don Tunnell is Co-owner of Tonnelier LTD, President of Tunnell International, and Producer/Director and Managing Director of TEV MEDIA 1.  Suzette Albers-Tunnell, MBA, is Co-owner of Tonnelier LTD, and an expert in Organizational Change and Corporate Management. Suzette Tunnell is Managing Director of Tonnelier LTD.

The Tunnell name has been associated with the music business since the middle 60's. As a musician Don formed his first band,
The Rising Sons in 1964, in Idaho. He left the band and began an entertainment "business" career in 1970, and nine years later via stops
in Seattle and Miami, he established an office in Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter he met Spencer Davis and teamed with him in industry

Through the years, the company activities have covered much of the world, working with numerous clients along the way, including
Denae Gardner, Jimmy Bivens, Spencer Davis (The Spencer Davis Group), Skip Martin (Kool & The Gang & The Dazz Band), Albert Collins,
Eric Burdon & War, USK, DJ Miko, and others.

Don Tunnell is also a video producer/director and has developed video projects with artists such as Jimmy Page and Robert Plant,
Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones, The Rolling Stones, Denae Gardner, Chisato (Japan's Rolling Stones) and others.
(See TEV MEDIA 1 for more info.)

Tunnell International is proud of its rich history, as well as its growth, success, and worldwide recognition. The addition of Spencer Davis to the team adds another dimension to the company. Tunnell International continues to develop new artists and work with established music artists.

BIO: Don Tunnell
BIO: Suzette Albers-Tunnell, MBA (PDF)

TUNNELL INTERNATIONAL is a Entertainment Industry Consulting and Management company operating in the Music Business arena.

TEV MEDIA 1 is a video production company focused on television programming for the genres of "Live" music video production and documentaries of various types. TEV has produced/directed video for such artists such as Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Spencer Davis, Bill Wyman, The Rolling Stones, and others. TEV Media 1 has also produced video for major Corporations and TV Networks in the US and Internationally.

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Don Tunnell - President