~ "If you don't know Tyrone Vaughan just yet, chances are you at least know his family members. Sharing such musical heritage as his Father, Jimmie Vaughan, and his Uncle, Stevie Ray Vaughan ... Tyrone was born to play music!"  
          - WSOC - Charlotte, NC - Sept 1, 2011   

~ Tyrone Vaughan throws down his individual brand on a family name that deserves a younger generation 'to stand up tall when the Lone Star flag is raised!"
      - Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle - Nov 25, 2011

~ "Tyrone Vaughan's sound reflects a lifetime of growing up surrounded by music, 
both Blues and Country."  
- Dan Harr, Music News Nashville - October 14, 2011

He's got licks, and knows what to do with a Stratocaster. His recent Hit - "Downtime" embraced Country/Blues and reached #68 on The Music Row Country Breakout chart. At last count, "Downtime" was over 50,000 hits on You Tube. It's raw, rural sound is evident from the beginning. Other album tracks like "Buzzkill" and "Next Stop Texas" keep things rockin' ... and 
"Wanna Hear You Sing" a Bluesy/Country ballad hits the other end of the spectrum, and showcases his voice.

Tyrone Vaughan's stage presence is ... "in your face Rockin' Country/Blues with an attitude" ... and he never lets you go. Yea, no matter how Rockin' or Country or Blues it is Folks, he is a real Texas boy.

And He's Definitely a "Vaughan" ...   
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The album by Tyrone Vaughan
European Release Date, May 17 - North America Release Date, July 9
Released by Music Avenue Group of Labels on BLUES BOULEVARD RECORDS
Europe - N America - S America - Australia
Preview Tracks from the DOWNTIME CD by Tyrone Vaughan
                1. DOWNTIME  - 60sec                                                                                                                    
                      2. BUZZ KILL - 90sec                                                                                                                   
                3. BUBBA DAN - 90sec                                                                                                                
        4. WANNA HEAR YOU SING - 90sec                                                                                                                                
                           5. NEXT STOP TEXAS - 60sec